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Customizable Cloud Applications

TSS prides itself on the ability to create solutions on the fly. Our agile dev abilities allow us to leap at a request and implement it on a moment's notice. We pride ourselves on having never said "no" to customer. We love to create solutions for your needs!

Onboard employees with ease & flexibility

TSS provides a highly customizable hiring and human resource package that can integrate seamlessly with your Learning Management System.


Fresh & Powerful Custom eLearning

TSS provides a highly customized eLearning experience to fit your company and preferences. Designed from the ground-up to bring consistency through a responsive, mobile-first design, it works seamlessly across desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Everything You Want For Your Employee Training Needs


Industries TSS Currently Services

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Passenger Transport

Safe Drivers


Safer Roads

Maritime Compliance

Safer Waters

Cannabis Compliance

Retail & Grower/Processors

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