Learning Management System

The TSS standalone application without owning a TSS system!

This standalone option allows you the same access to the compliant application package, with all the updates for FMCSA, DOT and Employment laws.  As a smaller operator, you can have the advantage and protection that the larger organizations enjoy at a fraction of the cost.

As our larger organizations with devoted HR and Compliance departments report back to us with their necessary updates, TSS updates all users with the new information to ensure everyone using a TSS application is up to date and protected to the highest level of industry best practices.

Put this simple tool to work for you and enjoy one of the cheapest insurance policies with all the built-in benefits you need.

The standard application package is dynamic and will work for all of your applicants, whether DOT drivers or Non-DOT applicants. Conditional logic only exposes the applicant to the minimally necessary information, and the applicant will then be able to electronically sign the application for legal use.

If you choose to use TSS managed services, this will enable you to order a DQ file and have your file completed in as little as eight days from start to finish.


With this standalone application resource, you get:

  • DOT compliant application with all current required verbiage and information.
  • Up to ten previous employer requests for information, with response forms that can be mailed, emailed or faxed.
  • Criminal Background authorization with current FCRA information as required by federal law.
  • Certificate of Compliance, as required by DOT
  • Initial and Annual MVR authorization to pull
  • Previous ten employer summary contact sheet for use with the common background check and DQ processors.
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