A More Appealing and Efficient DVIR Process

Transform your paper-based vehicle inspection reports into mobile-friendly forms. Have your drivers conduct their daily vehicle inspection reports (DVIR) on their smartphones via a mobile app. Control what vehicles are inspected. Add photos and comments. Automate time, date and GPS stamping. Generate work orders when faults are flagged. export daily or weekly reports to ensure your business is compliant and efficient, and automate the purge process for retention dates. Only see the items that require action, all other items are self filed!

Online Driver Training


Customize your forms, conduct inspections on vehicles and equipment from a smartphone, tablet or mounted device and eliminate paper from the  DVIR process. Designed for the Motorcoach, School bus or Truck categories.

Online Driver Training
Online Driver Training

Pre-formatted Digital Forms Your Drivers Can Use!

With predefined templates that are easily customizable to your fleet, your drivers will be at home with a format that they understand. With scalable forms, TSS DVIR tools all live on one page that is dynamic, your driver only sees relevant questions based on conditional logic. Customize the forms as needed, TSS can make your DVIR process specific to your organizational requirements. Multi-locations, custom inspection requirements, DVIR failure notifications and Shop and/or fleet manager notifications keep you on track to save time and money.

Use Your WIFI enabled device to Inspect Vehicles

Have your drivers conduct inspections of your vehicles anywhere, anytime via the TSS DVIR mobile app. Available wherever WIFI is available. Inspections can be performed in a backdated manner, so if WIFI is not available, the data can be saved and entered later. GPS tracking and URL address identification allows each entry to be associated with geographic and time stamp references for verification. Control the inspection process by defining which vehicles and assets can be inspected. Non-OOS failures are immediately sent to your fleet manager or shop manager and your drivers can define in detail the issue with photos and comments.

Online Driver Training

Manage report data with notifications, texts, csv files or real-time dashboard reporting.

Automatic syncing between your driver's smartphones and the cloud-based dashboard gives you real-time data and alerts with workflows that will send the information where it needs to go, only when needed. If the issue is mechanical in nature, send it to your fleet manager or shop foreman. Is it a cleaning issue? Let the cleaning crew know. Licensing and insurance? Get it to your operations manager for rapid correction.

Get alerts sent to you and your managers immediately after an inspection. View the reports from the management dashboard. Manage any faults that need to be addressed. Update the fault status and invite external mechanics to view the details. Your TSS portal dashboard ensures that your transportation business will be compliant with the DOT specific legal requirements.

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