Learning Management System

The repetitive nature of hiring within a Transportation company can become expensive and allow opportunities for failure during peak hiring cycles. By implementing a defined and systematic process, you can be assured to check all of the boxes every time. By adhering to your process, when the DOT and Employment investigators come knocking, you can easily define your processes and then simply show them the resources within your TSS system.

With proper setup and implementation, you can verify consistent DOT compliant hiring practices and verify your non-discrimination practices. You can add supplemental items such as region-specific items, add your employee manuals or other required or desired documents for your organization. By implementing required documents and processes, and utilizing industry best practices, you can be assured you are protected at the highest levels.

As updates or new laws are made, TSS manages your resources with required updates. With wide industry usage and crowdsource solutions, your organization can benefit from what other operators in your industry are learning. Prevent problems before they occur, rely on other professionals experiences and failures to increase your bottom line.

Give your hiring, compliance and training professionals a set of guardrails and tools to make them successful. Having someone tell you they are doing the job is great, having performance metrics to ensure they are doing the work needed to protect your organization is essential. Give your employees the tools they need to be successful and to make you successful.