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What if we invest in and train our employees and then they leave?

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Well, what would happen if we do not train them and they stick around?

Have you asked your team leaders recently what training they have done? Can you be assured they have the necessary training to successfully and safely lead your team? Have you given this any thought lately?

Many transportation companies have an organic growth profile that allows committed employees to take on more responsibility and greater challenges in an organization. Many of these employees may not have had any formal training in the area of managing people or conducting compliance functions. Additionally, every Supervisor or manager should be aware to the requirements related to reasonable Suspicion, Employee Privacy, and simple management skills.

By providing your Supervisors and Managers one or all three of these simple courses, you can improve their skills, ensure they will be successful and reduce your employee stress issues for greater retentions and improved bottoms line.


Skills for Supervisors and Managers:

This basic course will outline best practices and legal strategy basics for front line supervisors and managers. With simple information, basic guidelines and practices, your team will have the knowledge to engage subordinate employees with an appropriate attitude and protect your bottom line from unnecessary stress and legal complaints.


Reasonable Suspicion Training:

This simple course will provide your supervisor or manager the necessary information they need to adhere to the reasonable suspicion testing requirements. Additionally, every office worker and upper-level front line employee can benefit from this two-hour program as a good general knowledge basis. More knowledge protects your team and bottom line, knowledge is power!


Compliance Training:

Compliance is a complicated process, and even the best and most experienced people in this position may forget to perform tasks or may not have the ongoing training to remain up to date on current requirements or best practices. Do you send your compliance manager to the annual FMCSA training event? How about every two years? What can change in that time frame? By utilizing this course, your compliance employee has access to ongoing and crowdsourced compliance resources from multiple organizations and seasoned professionals.

Tested protocols, regulatory requirements and best practices to exceed the minimum requirements. Easy to follow and understand operators perspective surely beats looking in the book after the fact to find out where they went wrong. Give your team the tools they need with a resource library that has been tested and proven to be effective.


Would you like to reduce your driver shortage, increase retention and protect your rating?